If you have taken over a existing NHS/Private practice, or you have purchased a new practice location ( Squat site) then we have the perfect solution to set up your practice to be CQC Compliant. Our full CQC Compliance Set up includes the following:

New Site Registration
£450 + VAT

To carry out your full CQC Registration Application Process for your new site.Whether you are registering as a individual, partnership or organisation we ensure that your application process is taken care of.The process of application can usually take between 7-11 weeks thus it is important to get it right the first time round.

Compliance Setup
£750 + VAT

Dental Compliance Made Easier shall provide with a full compliance package which shall ensure your new site is CQC Compliant. This includes a set of protocols and policies personalised to the practice and team; staff personal files, surgery and decontamination folders.You will also receive training as part of the full compliance set up and also guidance and support to prepare for any CQC Interview or site visit.