• Reporting, learning and improvement from incidents
  • Reliable safety systems and processes (including safeguarding)
  • Medical emergencies
  • Staff recruitment
  • Monitoring health & safety and responding to risks
  • Infection control
  • Equipment and medicines
  • Radiography (X-rays)

  • Respect, dignity, compassion & empathy
  • Involvement in decisions about care and treatment

  • Responding to and meeting patients’ needs
  • Tackling inequity and promoting equality
  • Access to the service
  • Concerns & complaints

  • Monitoring and improving outcomes for patients
  • Health promotion & prevention
  • Staffing
  • Working with other services
  • Consent to care and treatment

  • Governance arrangements
  • Leadership, openness and transparency
  • Learning and improvement
  • Practice seeks and acts on feedback from its patients, the public and staff
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Compliance Membership

Dental Compliance Made Easier will provide support to your practice on an CQC/Compliance Capacity and shall ensure all of your compliance processes and systems is developed in line with CQC Regulations. This will also include all advisory support to your practice teams. The following services are included in your membership:

  • Advisory support provided with a dedicated CQC Consultant to include email/telephone responses to any staff member.
  • Access to our cloud based Compliance Manager to manage and maintain your compliance.
  • All updates of any changes to regulations/legislation and new policies
  • Access to your staff training and recruitment matrix
  • Interactive calendar to schedule your compliance activities
  • Exclusive discounts for members for additional services such as Mock Inspections
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What to do next?

If you are a dentist that is concerned about a upcoming CQC inspection, would like to undetake CQC Discovery Day or you are interested in the longer term compliance management then please contact us today.

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Compliance is easy with us.

Speak to a consultant today to start your journey in becoming CQC compliant. Our services are affordable and cost effective and are a real investment into the future of your practice and safeguarding you from malpractice  & non-compliance.