Dental Compliance Software

An award-winning cloud-based compliance software.

compliance software dashboard

Interactive Compliance Dashboard

Monitor your practices compliance performance using the interactive dashboard, enabling you to effectively manage calendar tasks, staff portfolio progress and reviewing of policies. The dashboard will display percentage scores for each section, helping you to achieve optimum compliance.

Compliance Suite

Utilise the compliance suite by accessing personalised policies, documents and templates bespoke to your practice. This electronic store of documents enables you to go completely paper-free by allowing you to complete online forms and checklists.

Compliance suite of compliance software
calendar view of compliance software

Compliance Task Calendar

The calendar feature will alert and remind you when compliance tasks are due in your practice. Monitor your tasks that need to be completed each month, to ensure all mandatory audits, risk assessments and checklists are kept up to date with.

Staff Training Matrix

Ensure your staff are compliant in their training needs using the staff training matrix. This feature enables you to monitor individual staff training requirements with ease, using a traffic light system which will alert you when renewal training is due. This matrix allows staff to take responsibility for uploading and updating their own matrix from home.

Dental compliance software dashboard
CPD courses dashboard

Online CPD Courses

The CPD module includes verifiable CPD including Core and Recommended subjects. All the courses are certified with downloadable certificates. Easily accessible courses on the portal, with a tracker to help keep a log of all completed CPD.

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