Trudi Cantrill-Practice Manager,Dental Surgery, Mansfield

Had a discovery day yesterday with Rajiv, what a fantastic & informative day it was too. Rajiv was really helpful & both supportive & knowledgeable whilst we were doing the audit. I can’t thank him enough for the advice he gave me & I feel much more confident with everything I’m doing to be CQC compliant. For your own peace of mind & a good way to check your doing everything that’s expected by the CQC I’d highly recommend a visit by Rajiv.

One thought on “Trudi Cantrill-Practice Manager,Dental Surgery, Mansfield

  1. Mair Hidden says:

    Rajiv has been helping me get our practice up to date with our policies and compliance, he is very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to make sure they are getting it right!

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