Squat Registration Setup

Setting Up A Dental Squat Start Practice

A squat dental practice is essentially a practice started from scratch, usually with a single surgery to begin with and with aspirations to be a highly profitable business.  

When thinking of building your squat practice, there are many aspects you will need to think about, including its location, design, marketing and equipment compliance. CQC is commonly an area that is not the most exciting aspect of your project’s plan. In fact, sometimes, it is on the bottom of many providers’ lists purely due to the fact that it is not the most exciting element of the squat journey, and it is an area that frightens most.

Our role as a compliance service over the years has a been to educate both those who are setting up squats and also those buying existing practices the importance of CQC compliance and without this element you are not actually able to service patients.

Here are the Top Tips to setting up a Squat Practice:

Regulation and compliance are vital to your CQC registration as a new provider and a registered manager. 

For any practice undertaking regulated activities in England, you must plan to register as a provider with a registered manager with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 

These can be very daunting tasks and  there is a lot to consider including various policies the CQC registration manager will wish to see before they allow your registration to be approved and you can open for business.


Top Compliance Tips

This is what every provider requires from the CQC.   

The decision to send you a notice of decision is based on  how well prepared and ready you are your availability or that of your nominated individual and manager (if you have them) for interviews and the site visit. How quickly you respond to requests from the registration inspector for further information to support your application 

If you are well prepared, your service is ready and there are no delays, the CQC will send to you a notice of decision which then registers your site and allows you to perform the regulated activities. 

The whole process from start to finish as discussed can take anywhere between 12-16 weeks.

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